The ancestral tradition of olive oil is reborn in us

Golden, fragrant and full of flavor,
made with knowledge by whom the roots saw birth

Masaedo, owner of the Azeite Terras Dazibo olive oil brand, is a company dedicated to the commercialization of food products, focusing on the main activity in Extra Premium Virgin Olive Oil, in Trás-os-Montes.

Formed by an entrepreneurial team, its mission is to create high quality products respecting the knowledge transmitted by generations. The commitment to innovation guarantees superior quality products, Portuguese and genuinely natural.

Terras Dazibo Olive Oil over the last few years has been awarded in several national/international competitions of the specialty, with several medals in the various products of the range, thus attesting to the quality and well doing of the brand.

We remain with the continuous commitment to obtain the quality for our partners and consumers of our products.